I.T solutions to ensure production efficiency, automated processes leading to optimization, quality consistence and complete visibility.

In today’s completive business world it has become very important to get the real time shop floor information rather than post production information. Post production information does not help you manufacture quality products and delivery on time becomes difficult. MES solutions help the manufacturers to get real time information from product planning to product manufacturing and from product sales to product delivery. These solutions have helped manufacturers reduce inventory investment, manufacturing time and foster quality products manufactured and delivered at the right time.


We offer the following services.

Customized cloud based MES solutions that connect all functional areas effectively so that bi-directional communication becomes possible.
MES solutions to track all products from the floor to shipping. This can also be used to track inventory too.
Quick solutions to find out the waste data so that quick steps can be taken to reduce waste and increase efficiency even at the shop floor.
Total Quality measures to check and improve all manufacturing processes continuously.

Automated processes to maintain the operation statistics.

Bpm, Business Process Management

Compliance documentations that help you achieve industry certification.

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