Array of digital solutions to track shipment, delivery details, ensure smooth supply chain management and create better customer experience.


With the advent of digital technology, the Logistics and Distribution companies have undergone a huge change in their business model. Now it has become very easy to adopt smooth supply chain management solutions for enhanced customer experience. Nowadays mobile devices are used to track delivery of goods, payment transactions are done through online applications and enhanced logistic operations are adopted to improve customer’s satisfaction. At BS.SG we ensure that you adapt newer technologies, use them efficiently and improve business profitability and business ROI. We offer the following services

We offer following business
process services

Asset management:

We provide the best I.T solutions to railroad, trucks and water transportation companies to manage their assets well, optimize it and increase business efficiency. Using business analytics solutions you can assess your already existing assets and introduce cost effective solutions of better management.

Logistics Cycle Management:

Our entire cycle management solutions help you to optimize loads, hit upon maintenance measures, track and monitor vehicles, meet the repair requirements and introduce new marketing strategies.

Digital Logistics Management:

We help leverage the benefits of modern technologies like ecommerce solutions, digital email, advanced delivery solutions.

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