Adopt newer testing services to ensure seamless performance of applications, mobile devices, smart phones and network environment.

Nowadays customers have become tech savvy. They expect all the business processes, techniques, I.T strategies, I.T functionalities, work seamlessly without any glitches so that they are able to have an enriched user experience. At BS.SG we offer innovative testing and QA assurance services that foster continued business processes without any gap. Our testing services cover all areas from business applications to smart phones to network.

We offer the following services.

Automation Testing Services: Effective platform independent tool to test automation of applications. This increases business efficiency paving way to increased ROI.
Selenium Test Services: Using this latest robust tool you can test the application for reliability, high performance and high quality.
Functional Testing Services Ensure seamless function of applications by detecting problems, rectifying them and ensure quality working of applications irrespective of devices.
Game Testing Services: Test the games and rectify the mistakes and offer enriched gaming experience in desktop, mobile, smart phones and tablets
Security Testing Services: Using respective testing tools to target the vulnerabilities of applications and processes and rectify them so that the customers can have a secured web experience.

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