Easy Human Capital Management solutions to help you recruit manage and empower staff from hire to retire.


With the great boom in the business world, every organization should hire professionals who are able to work for personal and organization growth. At the same time an organization should be able to give conducive professional environment to their employees, give enough opportunities to prove their talent, retain them, assess them and empower them. This is where we can help you.


We offer the following services

Self service features that help employees provide personal information.
Human management solutions
to inform employee about the professional benefits and income tax norms.
Help you offer health insurance benefits under the ACA (Affordable Care Act).
Our recruitment initiatives
help you identify, assess and select the best candidates keeping in mind your business requirements. We help you integrate with social networks and job portals so that your talent search becomes easy and quick.
You can easily screen all applicants, read their resumes and take apt decisions.
Automated processes to collect all data of newly hired
and put the talent to immediate use.
Time and tracking solutions that help you to track employee attendance in conformance with labor laws.
Pay roll management solutions to reduce administrative work.
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