Adapt to newer technological environment and reduce cost, improve operational efficiency and increase production.


With changing global economy, the Energy and utility industry is forced to adapt itself to changes and come out with strategic solutions to face demands, adapt smarter grid technologies, efficient metering solutions and cost saving technologies, improve exploration capabilities and adhere to regulatory measures. At BS.SG we offer the following services:

We offer the following services.

Billing Processes:
Automated billing processes enable you to provide bills on time every time.
Energy Consumption Analysis:
This helps you to form an energy consumption pattern that will help customers to have an idea of energy consumption and hit upon solutions to reduce them.
Communication Network:
Solutions like network planning and implementation to help you take futuristic decisions and smart grid planning.
Efficient Grid Management:
Using effective solutions you can monitor and manage grids and improve business efficiency, increase operational benefits and reduces outages.
Meter Analytics: -
Use the data from the meters to identify consumers demand, respond to outages faster and smarter.
Automated Processes:
Automate processes and increase business efficiency.

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