Provide rich consumer centric digital commerce solutions to enhance online business efficiency and revenue growth.

Aerospace and Defense industry
The Aerospace and Defense industry has been growing in leaps and bounds for the past few years. The industry faces challenges like:
With internet awareness increasing day after day, with more consumers able to access internet and do online business, with people able to take informed decisions, with the help of social media integration, with a complete change in consumers shopping behavior, with industries having to face stiff competitions, it has become absolutely essential for industries to offer Digital Commerce Solutions . This is where we can help you. At BS.SG we provide you tools and introduce new Ecommerce strategies for you to sell products online, launch new products, develop online stores and make secured online payments.

Digital Commerce Platform: – Based on your requirement we help you build a platform that offers rich features like self services and templates. You can easily launch new products, set up stores, initiate secured online transactions, manage all customer touch points effectively, manage and grow your business internationally.

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SaaS Services: – We offer SaaS (Software as a Service) with innovative tools and out of box solutions that enable rich customer experience, enable easy global payments, introduce new multi models that help you retain customers and reward them aptly for their loyalty.

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